Can you explain to me what a party bus is?

A party bus contains the fun of a party or club within a vehicle that is a mix of a regular limo in terms of its length along with the height and space of a bus. It's equipped with an incredible entertainment system, color changing lighting, and so much more.

Can I get a discount?

There may be discounts and differences in prices based on the season and other variables. Please call us today and speak to one of our agents for more details. Visit our contact page

Can we drink on the bus?

If everyone is over 21 years old, you can drink all you want. We can not provide our customers with alcohol, you will need to supply yourselves. If there is anyone on board under 21 years old, there cannot be any alcohol at all.

Can we smoke on the bus?

Unfortunately, there is no smoking on the buses. We like to keep our buses fresh and clean for all of our customers. You get unlimited number of stops so you can take as many smoke and bathroom breaks as required though.

Can we cancel your reservation?

Due to the nature of our business, you cannot cancel once you have booked your reservation. You will be required to pay the amount you owe whether you still wish to use the service or not. We have to turn away other customers because you have already reserved it.

What kinds of destinations can you take us to?

We can take you virtually anywhere that you can imagine, from bars and restaurants to nightclubs, from country clubs and business conventions to strip clubs, from museums and historical attractions to parks and sports events!

Does it cost more to stay out longer?

You are charged one set hourly rate for as long as you are out on the road. If you exceed the hours already paid for you will simply pay your overages in cash to the driver at the same hourly rate. But we do break it down into 15 minute intervals.

How do we obtain a free price quote?

You can call or email us for your free price quote at absolutely any time, day or night. We'll be happy to provide you with the information you need to book your party bus or limo transportation.